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3/4"x 6"Engineered (5mm wear) Oaks $3.49
3/4" x5" Engineered (5mm wear) Maples $2.99
1/2" x 7-1/2" Hickory $3.99
Random Width Engineered Walnut $4.29
Solid Bamboo $2.99

all while supplies last.

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Best of the Bay TV has been a valuable resource guide for Bay Area residents when it comes to services you need and use. Millions of viewers tune in to watch Best of the Bay TV and visit to connect with some of the best businesses around. In 2011, Best Of The Bay TV invited Home Elements Supply to be a part of a prestigous group of businesses around the bay area. We extend a warm thank you to customers like you who voted and awarded us the title of Best Flooring Company of Northern California!

In addition, many thanks and blessings to all of our past and present patrons who have been a great part of our success. With your support, Home Elements Supply has been voted Best Flooring Shop of Milpitas since 2008. We will continue to strive hard to bring in the best materials at affordable prices! ;)

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Top Designer Fashions to Make Your House a Home


White is the new Black...and Wide is a close second. Light floors can make a small space appear bigger. Pair a white floor with white walls and add hints of color in your furniture to make them really pop. A white floor, or any shades in the lighter, muted tones bring out a Scandinavian design that is simple, functional, and beautiful. The flooring in the photo is an 8" wide specialty plank with a click lock starting as low as $5.99 sq.ft. or choose other shades and species from just $4.99 sq.ft

Looking for a more affordable option? Why not try the wide, white, or oiled plank look in a 12mm laminate floor construction on sale from just $1.99 sq.ft.




Patina and Pastel... with an oil or wire brushed finish boasts Mid-Century design that can be flipped for a classic or modern look. They are dramatic and a must for homeowners and interior designers who like incorporating traditional and modern elements in design projects. Expand your flooring choices with wide plank flooring available in a variety of muted colors with volume pricing from just $4.69 sq.ft.

You can achieve this same look with a several laminate flooring options between $1.49 sq.ft. and $2.39 sq.ft. Whether you choose a hardwood or laminate construction, this is a flooring option that won't disappoint!


Acacia Hardwood Floor. Acacia has strikingly dynamic grain and knots, bringing about a home full of positive energy, exuberant flow and optimistic attitude. Acacia's dynamic look adds exciting spirit to a home with long-lasting durability as well as an elegant look. Available in smooth and handscraped hardwood styles, starting from just $3.99 sq.ft.

Acacia Laminate Floor.Thinking about an acacia laminate floor? We carry the acacia hardwood look in a laminate floor construction mimicking the smooth and handscraped styles, starting at just $1.79 sq.ft. See them in-store.


Handscraped Flooring is a highly sought after designer look and as the name implies, has the look of an aged, time-worn floor. They can be found machine-scraped or can be customized by fine artisan craftsmanship. It is an advantageous choice for the design conscious and a great solution for those with toddlers, pets, or who entertain guests- any additional markings created through everyday life simply add more character to the floor. Get the timeless, custom look of hand-scraped flooring starting from just $2.89 sq.ft. See Them!


Home Elements Supply Brings You Innovation and Style: WATER PROOF Click Locking Floors

Click Lock Flooring has an innovative locking system that does not need glue or nails! This is a perfect choice for a DIY'er, a homeowner looking for a break on installation costs, or a contractor who likes to cut labor time in half.

In click lock luxury vinyl, we carry over forty colors to choose from.

This month you can get a Click-Lock water proof floor AND underlayment combo sale together for a great, low price starting from$3.09 sq.ft.

Vinyl Flooring is now available with a click locking system! No more glue, no more hassle with rolled sheet goods! Pets? Kids? Spills? Accidents? No problem! Available in wood and tile visuals, click lock vinyl floors are a perfect solution for moisture and spill prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms and can be used anywhere in the home. They are warmer than traditional tiles and you won't have to worry about dirty, grimy grout lines or cracking ceramic or porcelain.

This month you can get a Click-Lock vinyl floor starting at just $2.39 sq.ft


Pricing so HOT, they're COOOOOOOOOOOL!

12mm Laminate Floor Specials

Four, Count'em FOUR colors at just $1.49 a square foot. Standard 12.3mm thickness with a 25 year warranty against staining, fading, and wearing through. AC3 Rated, they are suitable for even high traffic and common areas.

Go ahead, celebrate the savings!

BUILDER SALE SPECIALS open to PUBLIC (limited time)

Our builder specials are usually reserved for projects of 5000 sf or above, but for a limited time we will open these specials up to the public with projects of at least 800 feet.

Trendy European styles including grey and white in wide 6" plank at just $3.59.

BUILDER SALE ALERT! Birch Hardwood Floor stains and finishes easily, due to its closed pored structure. Because of it's clear looking grain, it has become a more affordable substitute for those looking for Maple hardwood flooring.

This month, Birch in a solid construction with a 5" wide Handscraped Surface is on sale starting from $3.99 sq.ft. Available to public with minimum project size of 800 feet or more.

Or save a buck and choose a birch engineered construction for just $2.89 sq.ft.